McGrath Irish Dance

Feis Dates 2019

Feis will be coloured when entry form is available

31 March - AIDA Feis

4th or 11th May (TBD) - Canberra Feis - Rex Hotel

22nd and 23rd June - Tara Feis

3rd and 4th August - Tir an Oir - Dickson College

17th - 18th August - ACT State Championships - Canberra

14th September - McGrath Feis - Calwell High School - Syllabus here

2nd - 7th October - Australia Championships - EPIC Canberra

November - McGrath Dance Exams - McGrath Irish Dance Studio


Please visit for interstate feiseanna dates.

AIDA Inc Registration

All dancers must be registered with the national body, AIDA Inc.

Parents or dancers over 18 must register for free on the AIDA Inc Website.

Once membership has been approved, register your dancer. Registrations are not complete until payment has been made. A copy of your bank transfer must be attached to the registration page. If this is your first time registering, you must also attach a copy of proof of age.

All registered dancers appear in Leanne's AIDA Inc login. If your dancer is not registered, you cannot enter any feiseanna.

Registration fee in the ACT is $35 per year and is due at the beginning of each year. If your dancer begins competing during the year, registration must take place before entry is given. All registration numbers are on your home page when you log in to AIDA Inc. This number must be recorded on every feis entry form.

Feis (pronounced fesh) Information:

Feiseanna (pronounced fesh-ar-na) are run at various times throughout the year all over Australia and worldwide. Dance schools can run their own Feis by choice, and major feiseanna such as State and National Championships are run by states or national bodies.

All dancers begin their competition career by competing in novice. This section is for a ‘first time on stage’ dancer only. From novice, dancers move through beginners, primary, elementary, intermediate and open rankings.

 Costume and makeup rules are the same worldwide for all An Coimisiun Dancers;

  1. All dancers in the Beginner Grades as of 2008 may only wear a team costume or skirt and top/leotard
  2. No wigs permitted in Beginner Grade
  3. Make up is not permitted in first two grades i.e.: Beginners and Primary up to and including the age group under 12.  Leg tan is considered make up.

 Competitions are going to be stressful the first time. Before leaving home, ensure you have your dancer’s shoes, costume and a change of clothes. Once getting to the feis, you will sign in to receive your dancer’s number which is pinned on the front left side of their embroidered belt. Find your dancer in the program and keep an eye on what section the competition is up to. Your dancer MUST run through all their dances prior to lining up side stage. Dancers will be called side stage around 3 sections before their competition. Check their laces are double knotted, belt is safely together and hair is out of their face. Ensure that your dancer is going out there to have fun. Make sure they know that it is okay to mess up their steps the very first time they go on stage.

Over all, competitions are meant to be fun. With all classmates together, children should enjoy their time at the feis. It is all about learning good sportmanship, gaining confidence and making new friends.

Dancers must have permission from Leanne to enter competitions. Prior to entering their first competition, dancers must be registered with the national body. Please see Leanne for any information further to what's on this page.